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Project SmartMotes

Start date: September 2007
End date: September 2008

SmartMotes is a research project focused on the design of a semantic platform for wireless sensor nodes. This kind of platform will contribute to creation and seamless deployment of intelligent environments formed by tiny digital objects.

SmartMotes is funded by the Department of Innovation and Economic Promotion of the Regional Government of Biscay (Diputación Foral de Bizkaia), via Ekinberri 2007 program. SmartMotes deliverables and code are freely available to organizations and enterprises located in Biscay. Please visit the Downloads and Contact sections for further information.


RFIDGlove: ZigBee-enabled glove with RFID reader for natural code scanning interaction with energy-efficient wireless transmission and OLED display for real-time information about scanned items.

First prototype

RFIDGlove components


For further information, please contact Iñaki Vazquez: ivazquez [AT]